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          Productions shot at Pinewood Studios

          Feature Film (228)
          Dumbo2019Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Dumbo
          Kingsman: The Golden Circle2017Matthew VaughnIMDB Database page about Kingsman: The Golden Circle
          Paddington 22017Paul KingIMDB Database page about Paddington 2
          Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016Gareth EdwardsIMDB Database page about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
          Cinderella2015Kenneth Branagh IMDB Database page about Cinderella
          C Stage, E Stage, F Stage, M Stage, 007 Stage, backlot (Castle Exteriors). Adjacent Black Park was also used for forest sequences.
          Everest2015Baltasar KormkurIMDB Database page about Everest
          007 Stage - mountainous crags constructed using styrofoam and chips of soap/potato as snow, backed by huge green screens.
          Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)2015J.J. AbramsIMDB Database page about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode VII)
          The Riot Club2015Lone Scherfig IMDB Database page about The Riot Club
          Belle2014Amma AsanteIMDB Database page about Belle
          Black Sea2014Kevin MacdonaldIMDB Database page about Black Sea
          E Stage, H Stage, N Stage, Underwater Stage
          Ex Machina2014Alex GarlandIMDB Database page about Ex Machina
          B Stage, D Stage
          Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit2014Kenneth BranaghIMDB Database page about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
          Maleficent2014Robert StrombergIMDB Database page about Maleficent
          The movie was shot entirely at Pinewood Studios using various locations including A Stage, B Stage, M Stage, N/P stage, Paddock Lot, North lot, 007 Stage and Black Park.
          The Muppets Most Wanted2014James BobinIMDB Database page about The Muppets Most Wanted
          B Stage, D Stage, G Stage, N+P Stage, R Stage and U Stage.
          Vampire Academy2014Mark WatersIMDB Database page about Vampire Academy
          B Stage, L Stage
          Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda2013Jacky JhajIMDB Database page about Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
          Gravity2013Alfonso CuarónIMDB Database page about Gravity
          Underwater Stage, B Stage and C stage
          Great Expectations2013Mike Newell IMDB Database page about Great Expectations
          Underwater Stage and F Stage.
          Jack Ryan2013Kenneth BranaghIMDB Database page about Jack Ryan
          007 Stage: New York Subway System flood. The Richard Attenborough Stage was also used.
          007 Stage: New York Subway System flood
          Kick-Ass 22013Jeff WadlowIMDB Database page about Kick-Ass 2
          Dark Shadows2012Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Dark Shadows
          The town of Collinsport was built on the Pinewood Studios backlot above the Paddock Tank and the exterior of the mansion was a huge miniature which was shot outside on the backlot. A Stage, B Stage, C Stage, D Stage, E Stage, F Stage, G Stage, N+P Stage, South Dock. Black Park was also used.
          Les Miserables2012Tom HooperIMDB Database page about Les Miserables
          Richard Attenborough Stage (first production to use this new stage), F Stage, L Stage, M Stage and our world famous Underwater Stage. As well as TV1 and TV2, South Dock and Car Park 3.
          Prometheus2012Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Prometheus
          007 Stage, C Stage, L Stage, M Stage, R Stage, S Stage, TV One Stage, North Lot
          Skyfall2012Sam MendesIMDB Database page about Skyfall
          A section of the London Underground (explosion scene) was recreated on the 007 Stage. The construction of the underground Mi6 HQ on the 007 Stage took 9 weeks and 250 crew. The lake approach to the Golden Dragon Casino was filmed on the Pinewood Paddock Tank. Also used A Stage, B Stage, C Stage, D Stage, F Stage, G Stage, L Stage, S Stage, Underwater Tank.
          Snow White and the Huntsman2012Rupert SandersIMDB Database page about Snow White and the Huntsman
          Shooting between October & December 2011. Over 90 sets were built for the production on a number of stages at Pinewood along with extensive shooting on the backlot, in the Paddock Tank, and in adjacent Black Park. E Stage, L Stage, M Stage, R Stage, S Stage, North Lot, South Dock, TV One Stage, TV Two Stage. Foley and post-production audio was mixed in the Pressburger Theatre.
          Summer Night, Winter Moon2012Xavier KollerIMDB Database page about Summer Night, Winter Moon
          Close-ups of the Regents Park sequence were shot on the backlot at Pinewood Studios.
          The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey2012Peter JacksonIMDB Database page about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
          Due to the length of the flight from London to New Zealand, Ian Holm and Christopher Lee shot their scenes at Pinewood Studios. This brief period of shooting in the UK ended mid-July 2011, and used F Stage and N+P Stage.
          Captain America: The First Avenger2011Joe JohnstonIMDB Database page about Captain America: The First Avenger
          A Stage, South Dock and the Underwater Stage
          Hanna2011Joe WrightIMDB Database page about Hanna
          The Powell Theatre at Pinewood was used for the audio mix. Ed Colyer & Glen Gathard also recorded Foley in Theatre 2 at Shepperton.
          Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 22011David YatesIMDB Database page about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
          Dark Forest and Battlements sets were built on the vast 007 Stage.
          Hogwarts Entrance Staircase set and Kings Cross set was built on D Stage.
          Hugo2011Martin ScorceseIMDB Database page about Hugo
          Jane Eyre2011Cary FukunagaIMDB Database page about Jane Eyre
          B Stage and H Stage to build a number of sets to recreate Thornfield and Gateshead, and made use of Theatre 6 and Shepperton's Theatre 2 for ADR and foley respectively.
          Johnny English Reborn2011Oliver ParkerIMDB Database page about Johnny English Reborn
          Paddock Tank and Paddock Lot, along with building exteriors around the studio.
          Katherine of Alexandria2011Michael Redwood IMDB Database page about Katherine of Alexandria
          Kill Keith2011Andy ThompsonIMDB Database page about Kill Keith
          My Week With Marilyn2011Simon CurtisIMDB Database page about My Week With Marilyn
          Filming began October 4, 2010. As well as the old entrance to Pinewood and exteriors of some stages, the production used B Stage, F Stage, H Stage and the Small Process Stage.
          Naked Before The World2011Martin GoochIMDB Database page about Naked Before The World
          Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011Rob MarshallIMDB Database page about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
          UK base for the production.
          B Stage: Captains Quarters set.
          E Stage: Captains Daughters pub.
          H Stage: Exterior of the longboat at Whitecap Bay.
          R Stage: LPS, the interior of St James' Palace.
          007 Stage: The cave for the Fountain of Youth.
          North Lot: London dockyard street.
          Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011Guy RitchieIMDB Database page about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
          F Stage and the Paddock Tank were used.
          The Iron Lady2011Phyllida LloydIMDB Database page about The Iron Lady
          F Stage, H Stage, R Stage, Small Process Stage, TV One
          The Woman in Black2011James WatkinsIMDB Database page about The Woman in Black
          Filming began September 26, 2010 and ran until December 4, 2010. Post-production continued until June 2011.
          Interiors of the main house were on stage at Pinewood Studios. The house exterior was filmed in Yorkshire. Mr Daily's house location was in Oxford. A Stage, F Stage, Small Process Stage.
          Welcome to Purgatory2011IMDB Database page about Welcome to Purgatory
          X-Men: First Class2011Matthew VaughnIMDB Database page about X-Men: First Class
          A Stage, L Stage, M Stage, N+P Stage, S Stage, TV One, TV Two. Auschwitz was created on the Pinewood backlot, making use of the Paddock Lot, along with a vast array of sets that were brought to life at Pinewood to resemble locations in a range of countries from Russia to the U.S.A. The production also used the Paddock Tank, South Dock and Black Park.
 Clarke, Mark DavisIMDB Database page about
          Clash of the Titans2010Louis LetterierIMDB Database page about Clash of the Titans
          Water tank
          Post-production 3D conversion is not as good as it should be, either due to budgetary issues or lack of time.
          Gulliver's Travels2010Rob LettermanIMDB Database page about Gulliver
          The film shot extensively at Pinewood, on A Stage, B Stage, C Stage, L Stage, M Stage, R Stage and S Stage, as well as in Pinewood's Heatherden Hall gardens and the Paddock Tank.
          Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)2010David YatesIMDB Database page about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
          Filming completed on 26 March 2010 at Pinewood but continued at Leavesden Studios.
          Kick-Ass / Kick Ass2010Matthew VaughanIMDB Database page about Kick-Ass / Kick Ass
          The comic book store was shot at Pinewood on the New York Street set. Other studio work took place at Elstree.
          Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Mike NewellIMDB Database page about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
          007 Stage
          Robin Hood2010Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Robin Hood
          Tamara Drewe2010Stephen FrearsIMDB Database page about Tamara Drewe
          The Wolfman2010Joe JohnstonIMDB Database page about The Wolfman
          As well as extensive shooting on Pinewood soundstages, many sequences were shot in the adjacent Black Park wooded areas.
          Wild Target2010Jonathan LynnIMDB Database page about Wild Target
          You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger2010Woody AllenIMDB Database page about You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
          Mr. Nobody2009Jaco Van DormaelIMDB Database page about Mr. Nobody
          Sherlock Holmes2009Guy RitchieIMDB Database page about Sherlock Holmes
          The Boat That Rocked2009Richard CurtisIMDB Database page about The Boat That Rocked
          Eden Lake2008James WatkinsIMDB Database page about Eden Lake
          Black Park Lake and surrounding area
          Mamma Mia2008Phyllida LloydIMDB Database page about Mamma Mia
          The first film to be shot on the new 007 Stage following the fire after Casino Royale (2006) wrapped. The whole Greek villa and surrounding village was built on the 59,000 sq ft stage, surrounded by a bluescreen which was replaced by sky / sea views in post-production.
          Me and Orson Welles2008Richard LinklaterIMDB Database page about Me and Orson Welles
          Exterior street scenes were all shot on a street set at Pinewood Studios with a greenscreen at one end, with a number of photographs of New York used to alter and extend the set digitally.
          Quantum of Solace2008Marc ForsterIMDB Database page about Quantum of Solace
          007 Stage
          The Bank Job2008Roger DonaldsonIMDB Database page about The Bank Job
          A partial set of the exterior of the bank and the corner of the intersection of Baker Street and Marylebone Road was constructed on the backlot to be extended by CGI matte painting.
          The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian2008Andrew AdamsonIMDB Database page about The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
          The Dark Knight2008Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about The Dark Knight
          The Other Boleyn Girl2008Justin ChadwickIMDB Database page about The Other Boleyn Girl
          14082007Mikael Håfstr?mIMDB Database page about 1408
          Atonement2007Joe WrightIMDB Database page about Atonement
          Fred Claus2007David DobkinIMDB Database page about Fred Claus
          I Could Never Be Your Woman2007Amy HeckerlingIMDB Database page about I Could Never Be Your Woman
          6 weeks of shooting
          National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets2007Jon TurteltaubIMDB Database page about National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
          Stardust2007Matthew VaughnIMDB Database page about Stardust
          Black Park.
          Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street2007Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
          Extensive use of greenscreen meant that sets built on soundstages could be extended to appear they're part of Victorian London.
          The Bourne Ultimatum2007Paul GreengrassIMDB Database page about The Bourne Ultimatum
          Alex Rider: Stormbreaker2006Geoffrey SaxIMDB Database page about Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
          Cashback2006Sean EllisIMDB Database page about Cashback
          Casino Royale2006Martin CampbellIMDB Database page about Casino Royale
          007 Stage - Venetian Piazza
          D Stage - Miami airport miniatures
          Paddock Tank - Venetian Sinking house exteriors
          Ugandan rebel camp scenes were shot in adjacent Black Park.
          Children of Men2006Alfonso Cuar?nIMDB Database page about Children of Men
          D Stage: Woodland exterior cabin
          Eragon2006Stefen FangmeierIMDB Database page about Eragon
          Penelope2006Mark PalanskyIMDB Database page about Penelope
          Sixty Six2006Paul WeilandIMDB Database page about Sixty Six
          The Da Vinci Code2006Ron HowardIMDB Database page about The Da Vinci Code
          007 Stage: The Louvre Gallery interior
          Charlie and the Chocolate Factory2005Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
          007 Stage: Chocolate River Room
          Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire2005Mike NewellIMDB Database page about Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
          Sequences were shot at Black Park adjacent to Pinewood Studios.
          Nanny McPhee2005Kirk JonesIMDB Database page about Nanny McPhee
          The Descent2005Neil MarshallIMDB Database page about The Descent
          Alexander2004Oliver StoneIMDB Database page about Alexander
          007 Stage: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Indian Palace. Extensive shooting on the backlot.
          Alfie2004Charles ShyerIMDB Database page about Alfie
          Finding Neverland2004Marc FosterIMDB Database page about Finding Neverland
          Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban2004Alfonso CuarònIMDB Database page about Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
          Black Park.
          King Arthur2004Antoine FuquaIMDB Database page about King Arthur
          The Phantom of the Opera2004Joel SchumacherIMDB Database page about The Phantom of the Opera
          Thunderbirds2004Jonathan FrakesIMDB Database page about Thunderbirds
          The flaming oil rig stunts were filmed in the Paddock Tank at Pinewood Studios.
          Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life2003Jan de BontIMDB Database page about Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
          Below2002David TwohyIMDB Database page about Below
          Die Another Day 2002Lee TamahoriIMDB Database page about Die Another Day
          The massive Ice Palace interior set was built on the 007 Stage [March 2002]
          Moon Compound (pre-title) was shot on the Pinewood backlot (January 2002)
          Interiors (including the Q Workshop [Jan 2002] and Gene Therapy Lab [Feb 2002]) were shot at Pinewood
          Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets2002Chris ColumbusIMDB Database page about Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
          Black Park
          Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone2001Chris ColumbusIMDB Database page about Harry Potter And The Philosopher
          Lara Croft: Tomb Raider2001Simon WestIMDB Database page about Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
          007 Stage: Cambodian Temples
          The Mummy Returns2001Stephen SommersIMDB Database page about The Mummy Returns
          Snatch2000Guy RitchieIMDB Database page about Snatch
          Entrapment1999Jon AmielIMDB Database page about Entrapment
          007 Stage: Petronas Towers skywalk
          Eyes Wide Shut1999Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about Eyes Wide Shut
          Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat1999David MalletIMDB Database page about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
          007 Stage
          The World is Not Enough1999Michael AptedIMDB Database page about The World is Not Enough
          The Russian nuclear testing facility was built in the 007 Stage.
          The Caviar Factory was built on the Paddock Tank at Pinewood.
          Still Crazy1998Brian GibsonIMDB Database page about Still Crazy
          007 Stage: Rock Concert
          The Avengers1998Jeremiah S. ChechikIMDB Database page about The Avengers
          007 Stage: Sir August Winter weather machine
          Event Horizon1997Paul W.S. AndersonIMDB Database page about Event Horizon
          The Engine Room was built in the 007 Stage.
          Fierce Creatures1997Fred Schepisi, Robert YoungIMDB Database page about Fierce Creatures
          The Fifth Element1997Luc BessonIMDB Database page about The Fifth Element
          007 Stage - spaceship/shootout/London and Hong Kong hotels
          Tomorrow Never Dies1997Roger SpottiswoodeIMDB Database page about Tomorrow Never Dies
          007 Stage: Elliot Carver's stealth boat and HMS Devonshire underwater wreck.
          Mission: Impossible1996Brian De PalmaIMDB Database page about Mission: Impossible
          007 Stage: Channel Tunnel chase & general interiors
          White Squall1996Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about White Squall
          First Knight1995Jerry ZuckerIMDB Database page about First Knight
          Hackers1995Iain SoftleyIMDB Database page about Hackers
          Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles1994Neil JordanIMDB Database page about Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
          007 Stage - Theatre of the Vampires
          Alien 31992David FincherIMDB Database page about Alien 3
          007 Stage: Blast Furnace and other interiors
          Patriot Games1992Phillip NoyceIMDB Database page about Patriot Games
          Air America1990Roger SpottiswoodeIMDB Database page about Air America
          Nightbreed1990Clive BarkerIMDB Database page about Nightbreed
          Production offices featured as Sheriff's offices in the movie. The backlot was also used heavily.
          A Dry White Season1989Euzhan PalcyIMDB Database page about A Dry White Season
          Batman1989Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Batman
          Gotham City sequences were shot on a massive set built on the Pinewood backlot. The Oak Room in Heatherden Hall featured as the location of Harvey Dent's political banquet.
          Willow1988Ron HowardIMDB Database page about Willow
          Black Park
          Full Metal Jacket1987Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about Full Metal Jacket
          The Living Daylights1987John GlenIMDB Database page about The Living Daylights
          007 Stage
          Aliens1986James CameronIMDB Database page about Aliens
          007 Stage: Sulaco space ship cargo bay
          The Little Shop of Horrors1986Frank OzIMDB Database page about The Little Shop of Horrors
          007 Stage: Skid Row set
          A Stage: Interior Mushniks Shop
          A View To A Kill1985John GlenIMDB Database page about A View To A Kill
          007 Stage: Max Zorin's silicon mine
          Arena1985Russell MulcahyIMDB Database page about Arena
          This extended music video / concert performance by Duran Duran was shot on the 007 Stage.
          King David1985Bruce BeresfordIMDB Database page about King David
          Legend1985Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Legend
          A massive fire during production (on 27th June 1984) destroyed the Legend forest sets, camera equipment and lighting rigs, as well as the 007 Stage at Pinewood.
          Santa Claus1985Jeannot SzwarcIMDB Database page about Santa Claus
          007 Stage: Santa Workshop
          A Passage To India1984David LeanIMDB Database page about A Passage To India
          Electric Dreams1984Steve BarronIMDB Database page about Electric Dreams
          Supergirl1984Jeannot SzwarcIMDB Database page about Supergirl
          The town of Midvale was built from scratch on a back lot at Pinewood Studios. Most of the film was shot on soundstages including the 007 Stage.
          Krull1983Peter YatesIMDB Database page about Krull
          One of the first (if not the first) to feature CGI morphing effects when the goose transforms.
          Twenty-three sets were built for the film, covering ten sound stages at Pinewood Studios, including the 007 Stage (used for the swamp scenes).
          Octopussy1983John GlenIMDB Database page about Octopussy
          007 Stage: Kamal Khan's palace. Black Park was also used.
          Who Dares Wins1982Ian SharpIMDB Database page about Who Dares Wins
          Heatherden Hall features as the American Ambassador's residence
          Clash of the Titans1981Desmond DavisIMDB Database page about Clash of the Titans
          007 Stage
          For Your Eyes Only1981John GlenIMDB Database page about For Your Eyes Only
          007 Stage: St. George's Vessel - underwater wreck
          Superman II1980Richard Lester, Richard DonnerIMDB Database page about Superman II
          007 Stage: Fortress of Solitude interiors
          Moonraker1979Lewis GilbertIMDB Database page about Moonraker
          007 Stage
          The First Great Train Robbery1979Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about The First Great Train Robbery
          Heatherden Hall and gardens are featured as the home & gardens of Edgar Trent. The house adjacent to No. 7 (Edgar Trent) has a sign outside it naming it Heatherdene 6. The adjacent property is Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios.
          Superman1978Richard DonnerIMDB Database page about Superman
          007 Stage - Fortress of Solitude and Artic exterior with lake and glaciers (tank holding 800,000 gallons of water).
          Soundstage sets:
          - Daily Planet offices
          - Lex Luthor underground lair and pool
          A Stage - Flying Unit
          The Medusa Touch1978Jack GoldIMDB Database page about The Medusa Touch
          Candleshoe1977Norman TokarIMDB Database page about Candleshoe
          The Spy Who Loved Me1977Lewis GilbertIMDB Database page about The Spy Who Loved Me
          The 007 Stage was constructed to house the massive Liparus Tanker set.
          At the Earth's Core1976Kevin ConnorIMDB Database page about At the Earth
          Bugsy Malone1976Alan ParkerIMDB Database page about Bugsy Malone
          Largely filmed on H Stage at Pinewood, additional filming happened in the adjacent Black Country Park.
          Carry On England1976Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On England
          Heatherden Hall features
          The Slipper and the Rose1976Bryan ForbesIMDB Database page about The Slipper and the Rose
          One of our Dinosaurs Is Missing1975Robert StevensonIMDB Database page about One of our Dinosaurs Is Missing
          Heatherden Hall features as Nanny Hettie's house.
          Rollerball1975Norman JewisonIMDB Database page about Rollerball
          The Man Who Would Be King1975John HustonIMDB Database page about The Man Who Would Be King
          Tommy1975Ken RussellIMDB Database page about Tommy
          The Great Gatsby1974Jack ClaytonIMDB Database page about The Great Gatsby
          Heatherden Hall on the Pinewood lot is used for Buchanan's residence
          Carry On Abroad1973Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Abroad
          Carry On Dick1973Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Dick
          Carry On Girls1973Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Girls
          Live And Let Die1973Guy HamiltonIMDB Database page about Live And Let Die
          Mackintosh Man, The1973John HustonIMDB Database page about Mackintosh Man, The
          The Day of the Jackal1973Fred ZinnemannIMDB Database page about The Day of the Jackal
          Bless This House1972Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Bless This House
          K Stage: Kwik Snak Cafe, Police Station, Antique Supermarket, Telephone Booth & Church Hall interiors J Stage: The Laurels Lounge & Kitchen, Mon Repos Hall, Living Room, Kitchen & Bedroom, Dunroamin Kitchen, Garden Shed & Garage, Mike's car
          Carry On Matron1972Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Matron
          Thats Your Funeral1972John RobinsIMDB Database page about Thats Your Funeral
          Heatherden Hall
          The Amazing Mr. Blunden1972Lionel JeffriesIMDB Database page about The Amazing Mr. Blunden
          Heatherden Hall
          200 Motels1971Frank Zappa, Tony PalmerIMDB Database page about 200 Motels
          A Clockwork Orange1971Stanley KubrickIMDB Database page about A Clockwork Orange
          Carry On At Your Convenience1971Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On At Your Convenience
          Carry On Henry1971Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Henry
          Diamonds are Forever1971Guy HamiltonIMDB Database page about Diamonds are Forever
          Fiddler on the Roof1971Norman JewisonIMDB Database page about Fiddler on the Roof
          Also shot on location in Yugoslavia
          Zeppelin1971Etienne P&ecute;rierIMDB Database page about Zeppelin
          Carry On Loving1970Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Loving
          Carry On Up the Jungle1970Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Up the Jungle
          The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes1970Billy WilderIMDB Database page about The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
          A cobbled street that was constructed for this movie is still in existence in the Pinewood backlot. It is situated behind the current location of the 007-Stage.
          Anne of the Thousand Days1969Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about Anne of the Thousand Days
          Carry On Again Doctor1969Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Again Doctor
          Heatherden Hall features as the Moore-Nookey Clinic
          Carry On Camping1969Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Camping
          Filming dates: 7 October-22 November 1968. The Pinewood Studios orchard doubled for Paradise Camp. Chayste Place school is the management block at Pinewood Studios, better known as Heatherden Hall and featured in Carry On Nurse, Carry On up the Khyber, Carry On at your Convenience, Carry On Again Doctor and Carry On England. Other exteriors were filmed at a nearby housing estate.
          Doppelganger / Journey to the Far Side of the Sun1969Robert ParrishIMDB Database page about Doppelganger / Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
          Heatherden Hall
          Carry On Up the Khyber1968Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Up the Khyber
          Heatherden Hall features as the British Colonial House
          Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1968Ken HughesIMDB Database page about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
          Pinewood's Heatherden Hall was featured as Truly Scrumptious' house and grounds.
          A Countess from Hong Kong1967Charles ChaplinIMDB Database page about A Countess from Hong Kong
          Billion Dollar Brain1967Ken RussellIMDB Database page about Billion Dollar Brain
          Texas scenes
          Carry On Doctor1967Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Doctor
          Filming dates: 11 September to 20 October 1967
          Carry On Follow That Camel / Carry On In The Legion1967Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Follow That Camel / Carry On In The Legion
          The Magnificent Two1967Cliff OwenIMDB Database page about The Magnificent Two
          Also filmed in the adjacent Black Park.
          Carry on Pimpernel / Carry On Don1966Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry on Pimpernel / Carry On Don
          Carry On Screaming!1966Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Screaming!
          The old South Entrance to Pinewood features as Dan Dann's toilets at Hopcombe Park.
          Casino Royale1966Val Guest, Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish, Richard TalmadgeIMDB Database page about Casino Royale
          Dracula: Prince of Darkness1966Terence FisherIMDB Database page about Dracula: Prince of Darkness
          Black Park
          Fahrenheit 4511966Fran?ois TruffautIMDB Database page about Fahrenheit 451
          Black Park
          Island of Terror1966Terence FisherIMDB Database page about Island of Terror
          Carry on Cowboy1965Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry on Cowboy
          Filming dates: 12 July -3 September 1965
          Help!1965Richard LesterIMDB Database page about Help!
          Bahamas scene
          The Ipcress File1965Sidney J. FurieIMDB Database page about The Ipcress File
          Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines1965Ken AnnakinIMDB Database page about Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
          Heatherden Hall appears as Lord Rawnsley's residence
          Carry on Cleo1964Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry on Cleo
          Filmed 13 July to 28 August 1964. This production made use of the discarded sets (and some costumes) left at Pinewood after the 20th Century Fox production of Cleopatra was shut down and moved to Rome.
          Carry On Spying1964Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Spying
          Goldfinger1964Guy HamiltonIMDB Database page about Goldfinger
          Fort Knox was recreated in the Black Park Country Park adjacent to Pinewood Studios
          D Stage: Fontainebleu Hotel pool scene
          Other stages: Fort Knox and Auric Enterprises interiors.
          A Stitch In Time1963Robert AsherIMDB Database page about A Stitch In Time
          Heatherden Hall features as the hospital
          Carry On Cabby1963Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Cabby
          Carry On Jack1963Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Jack
          Cleopatra1963Joseph L. MankiewiczIMDB Database page about Cleopatra
          Pinewood was the original location. However, just after shooting started, Elizabeth Taylor became ill, and the production had to be closed down. Original director Rouben Mamoulian resigned on January 3 1961, and the existing sets were all but scrapped (see Carry on Cleo)
          From Russia With Love1963Terence YoungIMDB Database page about From Russia With Love
          Heatherden Hall features as SPECTRE headquarters.
          Carry On Cruising1962Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Cruising
          In Search of the Castaways1962Robert StevensonIMDB Database page about In Search of the Castaways
          Twice Round the Daffodils1962Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Twice Round the Daffodils
          Heatherden Hall
          Carry On Regardless1961Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Regardless
          What A Whopper1961Gilbert GunnIMDB Database page about What A Whopper
          Heatherden Hall
          Carry On Constable1960Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Constable
          Carry On Nurse1959Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Nurse
          Heatherden Hall features as Haven Hospital. The gardens feature as the hospital grounds. The old South Entrance to the site features as the entrance to the baby show.
          Carry On Teacher1959Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry On Teacher
          Filmed in March 1959. Drayton Green Primary School in Ealing featured as the exterior of Maudlin Street School.
          A Night To Remember1958Roy Ward BakerIMDB Database page about A Night To Remember
          The production team, supervised by Producer William MacQuitty, used blueprints of the Titanic to accurately create the sets, while Titanic fourth officer Joseph Boxhall and ex-Cunard Commodore Harry Grattidge both worked as technical advisers on the film.
          As there was no tank large enough at Pinewood to film the survivors struggling to climb into lifeboats, the sequence was shot in the open-air swimming pool at Ruislip Lido.
          Carry on Sergeant1958Gerald ThomasIMDB Database page about Carry on Sergeant
          Filming dates: 24 March 1958 to 2 May 1958, based on B Stage at Pinewood.
          Robbery Under Arms1957Jack LeeIMDB Database page about Robbery Under Arms
          The Curse of Frankenstein1957Terence FisherIMDB Database page about The Curse of Frankenstein
          Black Park
          The Prince and the Showgirl1957Laurence OlivierIMDB Database page about The Prince and the Showgirl
          Up in the World1956John Paddy CarstairsIMDB Database page about Up in the World
          Heatherden Hall
          Knights of the Round Table1953Richard ThorpeIMDB Database page about Knights of the Round Table
          Master of Ballantrae, The1953William KeighleyIMDB Database page about Master of Ballantrae, The
          Treasure Island1950Byron HaskinIMDB Database page about Treasure Island
          Black Park
          Kind Hearts and Coronets1949Robert HamerIMDB Database page about Kind Hearts and Coronets
          Once A Jolly Swagman1949Jack LeeIMDB Database page about Once A Jolly Swagman
          A speedway track complete with pits was built on backlot as a replica of New Cross Stadium.
          The Red Shoes1948Michael Powell, Emeric PressburgerIMDB Database page about The Red Shoes
          Black Narcissus1947Michael Powell, Emeric PressburgerIMDB Database page about Black Narcissus
          Virtually the whole movie was shot at Pinewood. The Himalayan scenery was created by some stunning matte paintings and miniatures.
          Captain Boycott1947Frank LaunderIMDB Database page about Captain Boycott
          Irish Village constructed on the backlot.
          London Melody1937Herbert WilcoxIMDB Database page about London Melody
          Talk of the Devil1936Carol ReedIMDB Database page about Talk of the Devil

          TV Series (17)
          The Love Machine2012-2013
          Richard Attenborough Stage
          Cuckoo2012Kieron Quirke, Robin FrenchIMDB Database page about Cuckoo
          F Stage
          Episodes2011-2012David Crane, Jeffrey KlarikIMDB Database page about Episodes
          Season 1 filmed at Pinewood. A Pinewood car park stood in for Burbank Airport.
          Grandma's House2010-IMDB Database page about Grandma
          Kevin Bishop Show, The2008VariousIMDB Database page about Kevin Bishop Show, The
          Jam and Jerusalem2006 - 2009VariousIMDB Database page about Jam and Jerusalem
          Doctor Who (new)2006 - VariousIMDB Database page about Doctor Who (new)
          The Impossible Planet (2006)
          That Mitchell and Webb Look2006 - VariousIMDB Database page about That Mitchell and Webb Look
          C Stage
          The IT Crowd2006 - Graham LinehanIMDB Database page about The IT Crowd
          Filmed at Pinewood Studios from series 2 onwards, in front of a live studio audience (along with some location footage)
          Dragons' Den2004 - presentIMDB Database page about Dragons
          Seasons 1 to 9 filmed on F Stage at Pinewood
          My Family2000 - VariousIMDB Database page about My Family
          Press Gang1989 - 1993Bill MoffatIMDB Database page about Press Gang
          Season one was shot entirely on location. After the building used as the newspaper offices in Uxbridge was demolished, interiors for season two were shot at Pinewood Studios. The series was shot on 16mm film, giving it high production values, but a high cost, almost leading to cancellation at the end of season two.
          Eastenders1985 - VariousIMDB Database page about Eastenders
          The New Avengers1976-1977Sydney Newman (writer)IMDB Database page about The New Avengers
          Space 19991975 - 1977Gerry Anderson, Sylvia AndersonIMDB Database page about Space 1999
          L Stage
          UFO1970-1Gerry Anderson, Sylvia AndersonIMDB Database page about UFO
          The series featured studio buildings as a cost-saving exercise. The Harlington-Straker main office block is Neptune House at what is now the BBC Elstree Centre. Production moved to Pinewood after a 5 month hiatus after the closure of MGM British Studios.
          Doctor Who (classic)1963 - 1989VariousIMDB Database page about Doctor Who (classic)
          Black Park (adjacent to Pinewood Studios) featured in:
          The Visitation: Part 2 (1982)
          Full Circle: Part One (1980)

          Commercial (2)
          Imagine - Total Hydration Body Wash (Johnson & Johnson)2012
          Underwater Stage
          Ford: Kinetic Design2009Nick Lewin
          007 Stage

          Music Video (3)
          Take Me To The Hospital - The Prodigy2009Dugdale
          10 Reasons to Live: Pretty Girls Rule the World2007Charlie Lightening
          F Stage - filming took place on 31 May 2007, using a Lighthouse R16 LED screen, hired from PSL.
          Duran Duran: Wild Boys1984Russell Mulcahy
          This ground-breaking music video was shot on the 007 Stage, and cost over $1 million at the time (1984).

          TV Movie (3)
          Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!2006Andy De EmmonyIMDB Database page about Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!
          The old main entrance of Pinewood is shown as Kenneth Williams enters the studio to shoot a Carry On film.
          The Apocalypse Watch1998Kevin ConnorIMDB Database page about The Apocalypse Watch
          Heatherden Hall
          Squaring the Circle1984Mike HodgesIMDB Database page about Squaring the Circle

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